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"We are so thankful we choose Kelsey Mulholland as our attorney. Kelsey worked arduously on our behalf to settle our case quickly, wanting to avoid as much stress and disruption to our lives as possible. He kept in constant contact with us to share the outcome of each conversation he'd had and to discuss the options for our next step. He was always available for our questions and took the time to answer them to our satisfaction. It was undeniable that he had our best interest at heart."
-Renee B.

"Mr. Mulholland always made me feel as though I were his only client. He was always professional and managed to calm me when events felt overwhelming. He is bright, confident and reassuring. I trusted him explicitly and always felt better after speaking with him."
-Ava C.

"I went through a tough divorce and Melissa was so helpful. She understood what I was going through and was very compassionate. She was honest with me throughtout the entire process and was very responsive to my questions and concerns."
-Tony F.

"[Laura] was efficient, professional, caring and knowledgeable. She never "yes" me, she did her homework and came up with the best answer. I was very happy with my outcome. I highly recommend Laura."
-Alyssa C.

"I retained Laura Ruvolo Lipp to represent me during my divorce. As a father seeking custody of my three year old daughter, I went into my first meeting with Laura feeling as though the cards were stacked against me. Laura listened intently to my situation, took careful notes and was already formulating a game plan within our first hour together. My initial fears were dispelled. It was abundantly clear to me that Laura . . . has a tremendous amount of compassion and genuine concern for her clients. Laura set my expectations every step of the way during what was a very difficult period in my life, and she was always mindful of finding the most direct and cost effective path to our end goal. . . . I won custody of my daughter and I would be remiss if I did not convey just how grateful I am for all Laura has done. I highly recommend Laura Ruvolo Lipp to anyone seeking legal counsel in such matters."
-Michael C.

"[Melissa] kept me informed throughout the process not only through emails and regular mail but by personally calling me on the phone. She definitely did not over charge. . . . .I would highly recommend Melissa and her firm to anyone who is going to go through a divorce. In fact I have sent about a dozen or so people to consult with her already."
-Scott W.

"Ms. Ruvolo worked diligently during my very tumultuous and contentious divorce to ensure my best interests were protected. She was steadfast in her resolve to fight for 50/50 shared custody, which was of the utmost importance to me. She was very compassionate and genuinely concerned for my well-being and for the well-being of my children. When necessary she firmly reset my expectations with the legal system, but in a non-confrontational way. Even when confronted with numerous obstacles from my ex, her lawyer and even the judge, she composed herself in a very professional and respectful manner. She related to my situation on a personal level, which enabled us both to keep focused on what was truly important. She was very cognizant of the high cost of a drawn out divorce and always advised me on expected benefits of multiple courses of action so I could make an informed decision, understanding the risks. Throughout this life-changing experience we had many laughs along the way, which was a very welcomed distraction. Family law matters are a two way street and require active participation and cooperation from clients as well. Ms. Ruvolo ... is easy to work with and will hold up her end of the deal. She recognizes flaws exist in the legal system and will provide . . . advice to establish realistic expectations, which is very key. I highly recommend Ms. Ruvolo for all aspects of family legal matters. She will work hard and do the best she can (within the limits of her control) to get her clients the outcome they are seeking."
-Jason D.

"Laura and staff were very informative and supportive during my divorce. We kept in constant contact via email and if I had additional questions they took the time to explain everything and made sure I understood everything."
-Donna D.

"Over the summer of 2012 , after years of suffering, I decided to take a very difficult step and file for divorce from my husband and partner of 16 years. Although, this was a necessary and long overdue step I was terrified. I had been battered down by my husband and truely thought I could not get a divorce on my own. I had no money, no home and two children I was desperate to care for properly. With literally nowhere left to turn I picked up the phone and called Melissa Ruvolo. She listened to my story and listened to me cry for at least an hour without saying a word. When I was done rambling in the kindest most sincere manner she told me exactly what I was going to do. She didn't skip a beat and helped me to understand the exact steps I needed to take. She guided me through every step in this difficult process. . . .[S]he is an extremely compassionate woman. Each time I felt I could not go on or had been hopeless and helpless Melissa Ruvolo was there to guide me and lift me up from absolute despair. I honestly could not have faced this traumatic event without the guidance and friendship that Melissa Ruvolo gave to me. She, as well as her partner and staff, provided me with all the things that I needed legally and mentally to face a terrible situation with the one thing I needed most, hope. Their professionalism, prompt responses to questions, compassion and heart make them one in a million."
-Christine M.

"Mrs. Ruvolo Lipp and her team were awesome. Very professional . . . . I was very lucky to have had her on my side, quite a blessing."
-Vivian G.

From the first meeting, [Melissa] immediately analyzed my case history. When it came time to go to court, Melissa presented a detailed, fact base case to the judge . . . . Melissa was always happy to help and answer my questions whenever I called, would respond to emails and be there to listen if that was all I needed. I had been trying to settle my child support case for many years and was able to do so with the guidance, support and strength of Melissa.
-Carl P.

"Melissa represented me after a judgment granting interim reduction in alimony based on loss in income. During the time leading up to the hearing - and through the hearing - she was compassionate . . .and someone you could trust to make the right decisions. She returned my calls promptly. . . ."
-Ron M.

"Melissa was a huge help to our family. She was dedicated, professional, compassionate and very intelligent. . . .Thank you Melissa!"
-Sonya C.