A prenuptial agreement allows individuals to devote their energies to the marriage itself instead of worrying about future legal ramifications in the event their marriage ends — whether it be through divorce or death. It is vital to work with legal counsel who can create documents that fully meet your needs, while being able to withstand a judge's scrutiny if necessary.

At Ruvolo Law Group, LLC, our Morristown and Hackensack-based law firms prepare and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for clients across North and Central New Jersey. We provide couples with a variety of pre-marriage legal services designed to safeguard the foundations of their marriage. These services include, among others, the drafting and review of prenuptial agreements. We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws surrounding prenuptial agreements, including recent changes to the law. With our experience and knowledge, we are fully prepared to help you accomplish your objectives.

North and Central New Jersey: Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Under New Jersey law, a prenuptial agreement must meet the following conditions:

  • The agreement was entered into voluntarily
  • The agreement was not "unconscionable" at the time the agreement was executed

Courts must examine the following factors when determining whether an agreement is unconscionable. One factor relates to the disclosure of assets. Both parties must provide full and fair disclosure of their earnings, property and financial obligations. If one party waives this requirement, it must be voluntary and in writing. Moreover, if one party did not, or reasonably could not, have had knowledge of the other party's financial obligations, the agreement will be unconscionable and, therefore, void.

The other factor relates to consulting with a lawyer prior to executing the agreement. Both parties must seek their own independent legal counsel prior to entering into a prenuptial agreement, or must waive these rights in writing.

These factors only apply to prenuptial agreements executed after June 27, 2013. Any agreements executed on or before this date must adhere to slightly different requirements.

Our attorneys offer clients the seasoned legal judgment in these matters that can only be gained from years of experience. In fact, Laura Ruvolo Lipp and Melissa Ruvolo co-authored an article, published in the Sep. 16, 2013, issue of the New Jersey Law Journal, concerning the current law related to prenuptial agreements. Our knowledge provides meaningful benefits to clients desiring to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

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