Disputes involving issues of parental alienation are some of the most emotionally devastating cases in family law. While parental alienation is still a relatively vague concept under New Jersey law, the pain and harm involved in these situations is all too real. Ultimately, the family judge will decide the matter according to what the judge determines to be the best interests of the child. For that reason, Ruvolo Law Group, LLC, brings a child-centric approach to every parental alienation dispute.

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In support of this approach, our attorneys maintain an understanding of the significant psychological and emotional implications that parental alienation holds for children. In doing so, we draw on our grasp of these parental alienation matters not only from a legal perspective, but also from a firsthand practical perspective on the parent-child bond as informed by our team members' own experience in teaching and parenting.

When there is evidence of alienation, we are prepared to take effective action in the best interests of our clients and their children. Typically in alienation cases, third parties, such as experts, reunification therapists and parent coordinators, are necessary both to establish alienation and to reduce its impact. When appropriate, we seek the court's intervention to protect our client's parental rights and the child's, or children's, best interests. The consequences of parental alienation can be severe, and can sometimes result in the offending parent being stripped of his or her custody rights.

Because judges look unfavorably upon parents who willfully attempt to alienate their children from the other parents, we diligently defend clients as well against frivolous charges of parental alienation. We help our clients understand all of their legal options and which options best help them to protect their rights and achieve their legal goals.

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