Recent court decisions in New Jersey courts have established same-sex couples' right to marry. This change to the law gives same-sex couples all of the same rights and responsibilities as opposite-sex couples.

At Ruvolo Law Group, LLC, we welcome these changes to the law. For same-sex couples seeking guidance and counsel, our law firm is a sound choice. Based in Morristown and Hackensack and serving clients across North and Central New Jersey, we offer extensive legal knowledge while providing our clients with individually tailored client service.

North and Central New Jersey Civil Unions: Attorneys Serving Morris and Bergen Counties and All Local Areas

We help our clients appreciate the significant legal differences in New Jersey between same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. To do that, our firm takes both the most recent legislation, as well as recent court decisions at both the state and federal levels, into account.

Consequently, we can help same-sex couples understand all of their available legal options in New Jersey with respect to their rights and legal status. In support of our firm's efforts in this area, attorney Laura Ruvolo Lipp is a member of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Section New Jersey State Bar Association.

Dissolving a Civil Union

The dissolution of a civil union is very similar to a divorce, legally and practically speaking. Where our clients seek the dissolution of a civil union, we can assist with a variety of issues, including, among others:

  • Division of assets
  • Child custody
  • Child support

We help our clients explore all possible methods of dispute resolution to resolve these various issues, including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation.

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