It isn't unusual being part of a family with conflict. However, the problem arises when this conflict takes a legal turn. In a country like America, where every state has its own laws, seeking a family law attorney is more than just about experience and skill. Knowledge of the laws applicable, within the state in which the case has been filed, is the key to fighting a good fight.

Our team at Ruvolo Law, has vast experience in family law, especially as it relates to New Jersey. We take pride in always being updated on the latest state and federal laws, while going that extra mile to ensure that each client receives the right kind of help. This means that apart from litigation, we also offer services for Family Law Mediation, both court-ordered and private.

Our aim is to keep things simple and convenient for our clients, given that they approach us during difficult times in life. Being able to access comprehensive support, all under one roof, can do a lot to alleviate stress.

And in the spirit of easing things and alleviating stress, we are now available across several locations in New Jersey, so that you can choose to visit the location closest to you:

  1. Morristown: Located within the Mount Kemble Corporate Plaza, on Route 202 South, this office is also ideally placed for easy access. For more specific directions, please check our Morristown location page, since navigation systems have been known to make mistakes in taking people elsewhere.
  2. Hackensack (by appointment only): If you live near or in Bergen County or other surrounding counties, visit our Hackensack office. Our office is located in the shopping and restaurant district. It is not only easy to find, but you also have everything else you might need nearby. The Bergen County Courthouse is also just 2 miles away.

So, whether you need legal advice and/or help with any family law issue, from prenups to divorce, custody, post judgement issues, non-dissolution cases or family law mediation, our team is more than happy to spend as much time as needed to thoroughly understand your situation and offer the highest quality services.