What can we learn from Bobby Flay and Stephanie March's divorce?

     According to Ms. March’s lawyer, she plans to contest the validity of their prenuptial agreement on various grounds. Most notably, the fact that the agreement was signed three days before their wedding may have rendered it unconscionable (not fair). While it is a valid concern, there are many other factors that the court must consider when determining the validity of a prenuptial agreement. For this reason, it is so important to ensure that you consult with a matrimonial attorney early in the wedding planning process. Waiting until the last minute to discuss and draft a prenup is never a good idea.  It only adds to the stress of finalizing wedding plans and can take away from the romance and happiness of the moment. If you can book the venue over a year in advance, you can certainly carve out one hour to meet with a lawyer to walk you through a process that will ensure you have a valid and enforceable agreement.