Do Not Let Your Spouse Get Away with Hiding Assets!

     In the matter of Estate of Milagros Beltra v. Beltra, the Appellate Division again confirmed a trial court’s ability (and duty) to report a party’s unreported income (especially in the form of cash) and assets to the appropriate authorities. In Beltra, the trial court judge determined that the husband made substantial cash contributions towards the purchase of properties in Argentina and the Dominican Republic, made considerable deposits in foreign banks, and had interests in a number of businesses.


SURVEY RESULTS: When Did You Realize Your Marriage Was Over?

     At some point while representing a divorced/divorcing client, I ask him/her: “When did you realize your marriage was over?”  The responses usually fall into (3) three categories:

1.  Before the wedding


What Can I Do If My Spouse Does Not Agree To a Divorce?

     Time and time again, we have heard one of two variations of this question during an initial consultation with a potential client.  Sometimes we are speaking with a person who made the difficult decision of telling their emotional spouse that they no longer want to be in their marriage.  The reaction they are met with is, “Well I won’t give you a divorce!”  And now they are in our office asking us what to do.  Other times, we have the understandably devastated spouse sitting in


Understanding Your Options: The Difference Between Divorce, Annulment, and Separation

     If you are thinking about ending your marriage, but the idea of getting divorced seems like a scary jump to make, you’re probably wondering whether there are any other legal options.  You’re not alone.  We are frequently asked about the differences between divorce, annulment, and separation in New Jersey. 



S.M. v. K.M.: When Family and Criminal Matters Meet

     As if divorce isn’t bad enough, sometimes a family’s circumstances also involve criminal charges or allegations. What happens when there is a pending criminal matter that directly involves the family during a divorce? When seeking the family court’s involvement while a criminal matter is pending, not only are the parties involved required to comply with certain procedural requirements. Judges are too.