If Your Child’s Living Arrangements Have Changed Since the Divorce, So Might Your Child Support

Both parents have an obligation to support their children. When parents are divorcing in New Jersey, we utilize the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines to calculate the amount of support one parent must pay the other for the child’s benefit. The Child Support Guidelines are very complicated and are often computed using calculation software. Many factors go into the child support calculation. While the parents’ respective incomes are an important factor, it is not the only relevant piece of the child support puzzle.


What is a Motion?

A Motion is an application you file with the Family Court to seek a specific form of relief. There are many different types of relief you can seek in your Motion. The most common Motions are for an increase/decrease in alimony, increase/decrease in child support, reimbursement of your children’s expenses, or a modification of custody or parenting time. Although these are the most common types of Motions, there are countless other types of relief you can seek as well.

When can a Motion be Filed?

Child Support Calculations in NJ


How is Child Support Calculated in NJ?

Calculating how much child support you may have to pay can become complicated because there are many factors that are taken into consideration.

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Seeking Retroactive Child Support – Protect Yourself at the Outset

      In New Jersey, it is well settled that child support belongs to the child and both parents have a mutual obligation to support their children.  Child support is calculated using the Child Support Guidelines, which is a mathematical formula that estimates the amount of money it would cost an intact family to support a child.  That amount is shared by both parents in proportion to their incomes.  In order to receive a child support award, a parent either needs to file an application for child support with the Court or reach an agreement with the other parent without C


Wife sues Hedge Fund Husband for $1 million child support per month

     In what must be a record child support demand, Mrs. Anne Dias Griffin has requested that an Illinois court award her a child support award of $1 million.  Per month. 

     Mrs. Dias Griffin is married to billionaire Kenneth Griffin.  Mr. Griffin is the founder of Citadel, LLC, a hedge fund company.  According to Forbes, Mr. Griffin earned $1.1 billion dollars in 2014 and has a net worth of approximately $5.5 billion.  The couple was married in 2003 and have three young children, all under the age of ten. 


How is Child Support Calculated?

     This is probably the most commonly asked question during a consultation. This blog is intended to provide a very basic overview of the calculation of child support in New Jersey. Bear in mind that like many other areas of family law, there are deviations, exceptions, and unusual cases that extend beyond this article.