Penalty Provisions in Divorce Agreements

Most divorce matters are ultimately resolved with a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), sometimes also referred to as a Property Settlement Agreement (PSA).  An MSA is a contract between divorcing spouses, wherein they agree amongst themselves how their lives will proceed post-divorce.  It covers everything from child-related issues to finances.  Many times, clients want to give "teeth" to their agreements by adding "penalty clauses" if one spouse doesn't comply.  Typically, they are not enforced based on contract law principles.  However, the New Jersey Appellate Division recenty decided M


Mediation Services Can Resolve Post-Divorce Issues

Mediation services are available to those going through divorce. But did you know that mediation services could help with your post-divorce issues? Before you spend your time, energy, and money to drag your ex-spouse back to court, you might first want to try taking your case before a mediator to resolve the issues in a more expedited and streamlined way.



Modifying or Terminating Alimony After Your Divorce

When your divorce is over and the dust has cleared, you may think your need for an attorney has ended.  Thing again. There are circumstances that make it wise to keep a post-judgment lawyer’s phone number handy. If, for instance, your divorce agreement provides for alimony, it may need to be modified or terminated at some point in time. An alimony agreement can be modified or terminated when the circumstances that were present at the time of the divorce agreement have substantially changed.