Are You a Good Candidate for Mediation?

     In appropriate cases, our firm loves helping people resolve their family law conflicts through the mediation process.  Some of our attorneys are mediators themselves and conduct both private and court-ordered mediations.  They also volunteer and discount their time for various county courthouse programs.  Our attorneys who represent individuals rather than serving as mediators support clients through the process by advising them before, during and/or after their mediation sessions.  We maintain professional relationships with excellent mediators and family law attorn


How to Begin the Mediation Process

      In addition to our other family law legal services, our firm also has a mediation department.  We conduct both private mediation (for people who are voluntarily taking the initiative to try mediation to resolve their legal issue) as well as mediation ordered by a court through the Economic Mediation program.  Mediation is a wonderful tool that saves families legal fees, time and the anxiety and stress that comes from uncertainty and loss of control of your own destiny.  Sometimes the experience can also teach the people involved how to better communicate with each o