My Spouse Cheated. Does This Mean I Can Get More Money in Our Divorce?

     Few things make the divorce process more emotional than it already is than when one spouse has been unfaithful in the marriage – particularly if the affair was recent and was the “reason” the marriage is ending in divorce.  The betrayed spouse is understandably raw with emotion and may have difficulty navigating the divorce process with a clear head when they feel buried in grief, shock and anger.  Meanwhile, the spouse who had the affair may be cooperative and riddled with guilt or may instead be self-absorbed in their new relationship and insensitive to the emotion


Death and Divorce: What Happens to Your Estate During and After the Divorce Process?

Many people ask what happens to their estate if they die: (1) while the divorce is pending; or (2) after the divorce is complete. According to New Jersey law, all spousal designations are revoked if the death occurs after the divorce. However, this is not the case if the death occurs while the divorce is pending. For this reason, you should assess your estate plans as soon you decide you are moving forward with a divorce.

Co-Owning/Sharing Property After Divorce


The Possibility of Co-Owning or Sharing Property After Divorce

During a divorce proceeding, marital assets are divided between the two parties. New Jersey law states that all property acquired during a marriage is marital property regardless of how it is titled. The courts also follow a policy of equitable distribution of those assets.


Do Not Let Your Spouse Get Away with Hiding Assets!

     In the matter of Estate of Milagros Beltra v. Beltra, the Appellate Division again confirmed a trial court’s ability (and duty) to report a party’s unreported income (especially in the form of cash) and assets to the appropriate authorities. In Beltra, the trial court judge determined that the husband made substantial cash contributions towards the purchase of properties in Argentina and the Dominican Republic, made considerable deposits in foreign banks, and had interests in a number of businesses.