Take It From Us: Showcasing Cindy Ball Wilson, Esq.

Cindy Ball Wilson, Esq.

Today we are showcasing Cindy Ball Wilson, who happens to be celebrating her “29th” birthday on the date of this blog.  Cindy joined our firm in September 2015 after building an accomplished career as a family law attorney in both New Jersey and Maryland, the Director of Student Services at Seton Hall Law School and as a special education teacher.

Cindy is a member of the New Jersey Court Roster of Family Mediators, the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, and volunteers her time as an Intensive Settlement Panelist for the courts.  She also serves as a private mediator for couples who, with or without their attorneys, wish to move forward with their divorce in an expeditious manner.  Cindy is also trained and experienced as a Collaborative Family Law attorney and is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals as well as the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group.

Here is what everyone in our office has to say about Cindy:

Melissa Ruvolo (Partner):  “Cindy is a bright light in our office.  The moment she walks through the door, everyone smiles.  She is extremely analytical and even the most complicated cases never seem to unnerve her.  She’s very creative in her approach to cases.  I've watched her hold a client's hand and even shed a tear with a client.  Although Cindy is extremely hard-working, she never forgets the most important role she has – being a present and loving mother.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that she knows how to throw an amazing party - with karaoke, a singer, confetti and all.  Although, don’t be fooled by Cindy’s kindness.  Many people are quick to say they want an attorney who is a ‘shark’.  Cindy is better than that.  I would say she’s more like a dolphin.  Although dolphins appear kind and playful, they can drown a shark if need be ”

Kristin Marchaterre (Legal Assistant):  “Cindy is the definition of what every attorney should strive to be. She is compassionate, understanding and extremely hard working. Cindy works tirelessly for all of her clients to ensure that their needs, whether emotional or financial, are taken care of. Not only will she work diligently for her client, she ensures that their children and family are taken care of. She has the personality that works well with all types of adversaries, financial experts, etc., which is extremely valuable and allows her to be a remarkable litigator, mediator and collaborative attorney. She is an out of the box thinker and is knowledgeable in all areas of the law. Cindy is not only an extraordinary attorney, she is an extraordinary co-worker and I feel very lucky to be able to work with her every day.  She throws amazing parties, has a hysterical sense of humor and has a love of all things wine :)”

Kelsey Mulholland (Counsel):  “Cindy is the consummate professional.  She has the perfect temperament for a family law attorney and that temperament allows her to handle the easygoing clients as well as the difficult ones.  As a collaboratively trained attorney and mediator, Cindy is capable of thinking outside of the box to get a favorable result for a client in a divorce or for a couple in a mediation setting.  She is also a great listener, which is an underrated talent for a family law attorney.  Last, but certainly not least, she throws one heck of a New Year's Eve party!”

Michelle Levin (Associate):  "Cindy is a compassionate attorney but also knows when to be a “pit bull.”  This makes her not only a great litigator but also a great collaborative attorney.  She is patient and understanding and very attentive to her client’s needs.  She truly cares about her client’s and does everything she can to fight for them."

Jessica Wall (Legal Assistant):  "Cindy is a very down to earth attorney and works well under pressure.  Cindy will do what she must to ensure that her clients receive a fair settlement.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist the clients when they are most in need and is great at talking someone down from a ledge when they become overly frustrated.  From crunching numbers to preparing Excel spreadsheets, Cindy makes sure everything balances out and she can give her clients the proper explanation for everything."

Laura Ruvolo Lipp (Partner):  “Picture a mother with the perfect personality mix of patience, intelligence (don’t pee on her leg and tell her it’s raining) and advocacy (but over the important stuff, not the annoying mother at the PTA).  That is Cindy.  And she brings this perfect mix of attributes to her clients and her cases.  She can handle any opponent and prevail, but yet can maintain a level of calm and clarity that maximizes the chance of a fair settlement for her client.    And I have never seen an attorney sing “Sweet Caroline” with the passion Cindy puts into it.  I want to be Cindy.”

So, take it from us. You want Cindy on your side.  She’ll hold your hand if you want her, she’ll shed a tear with you, and she’ll go to battle if the circumstances warrant.  After all, we spend almost every day with her, so we would know best.